How many sales will a small clothing shop make?

I am thinking of opening a small clothes shop in leeds town centre.
I will be spending little on rent so it will be fairly small.

I would like to know how many sales i can expect to be making a week on average so i can decide on potential for the business.

(would you think that the Corn Exchange is a good location for the shop, with rents from 4500 it is quite cheap)

any help would be appreciated,

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3 Responses to “How many sales will a small clothing shop make?”

  1. Henry says:

    There are too many variables. You’re asking, "How high is up?" or “How long is a piece of string?” It’s an impossible question to answer.

  2. ja says:

    corn exchange is good area to sart
    expect to make about 30 sales per week on average

  3. James says:

    ok so firstly if you’re asking this question just give up now. so many times i have answered people’s answers on here with just simply ‘do a business plan’. a business plan will answer ALL your questions, because within a business plan you include turnover, weekly sales reports of businesses around you that sell to the same market, with the same product. a business plan will include your market research, your goals, how you’re going to achieve those goals etc. ask any business person and they will tell you the exact same thing as me.

    as the guy above me said, the question youre asking is impossible to answer. it all depends on the location, size, product, potential market etc. we know nothing about this – you do! so write it all down, and plan how your business is going to operate. 95% of businesses fail within the first year in the UK, dont be one of them. set your business up properly, if youre very nervous to take the plunge, youre not ready. you need to know what youre doing.

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