How many tins of biscuits did you get for xmas?

I got like 9 tins of short bread marks and spencer
and 4 tins of roses and quality street.

When you give ppl biscuits they just give ya the same back. lol

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12 Responses to “How many tins of biscuits did you get for xmas?”

  1. Monique B says:

    3 theyre from marks as well lol

  2. maurice says:

    just one.

  3. James says:

    about 2 quality street
    and 3 biscuit tins

  4. Charlie R says:

    None this year for me. Although every year someone gets me soaps and other bathroom stuff. Everyone knows i have eczema and i can only use Dove soap. I will so get them back next year LOL.

  5. Studstrickle says:

    i have a plethora of biscuits,

    there is not enough tea in china to dunk them all in.

  6. Dizzykat says:

    I bought a tin of quality street and shortbread biscuits for myself and family, but did’nt get any for presents.

  7. Buddy Happy New Year says:

    Just one

  8. Andielep says:

    None – thankfully as I have troughed my way through two boxes of coffee creams. TGI I didn’t get any biccies this year!!

  9. stargazer (lost in space) says:

    None, only the one I bought myself if that reads sensibly. Got a tin of quality street and a chocolate orange and some dark chocolate ginger.

  10. dragon-foot says:


  11. BAd BEx says:

    do you know this i personally never got any , my kids got loads so i have been tucking into the ones they don’t like lmao happy new year

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