How much am i likely to save in the January sales?

I need a new computer but i dont know whether to buy one new from eBay, which is cheaper than directly from the shops, or whether i should wait until the January sales. How much is normally discounted on electrical such as computers in the sales?

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3 Responses to “How much am i likely to save in the January sales?”

  1. new2pc says:

    Boxing day is quite often the best time for the bargains
    make up your mind which ""model ""you want…then check the shops web sites….Comet, Curry..PC World..etc, and compare offers

  2. Wahloh says:

    It may be cheaper on eBay but what are you going to do when the computer crashes after a couple of weeks? No one will give you refund or repair it for you.

    So its better to buy a new one from a nearby shop, these people are professionals and they can repair it or give you refund when the computer crashes within the guarantee period.

    The discount given by shops is for the shop to decide them self, you can’t say how much it’ll be, and computers aren’t that expensive anymore these days.

  3. ray_diator says:

    Buying an obsolete computer in a sale is not actually a bargain. It is cheap for a reason and in the long term it is likely to represent bad value for money.

    Buying the the most up-to-date computer as cheaply as possible represents the best value for your money.

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