How much can I expect to pay for a decent sewing machine?

I’m a beginner; it will be my first machine. I’m also fifteen, so while I’ve got some money saved up, I don’t want to pay out more than I have to. It would just be for my own personal use at the moment, but I want a good-quality, hard-wearing one, that will withstand me being inexperienced. The machines I’ve used before have been quite volatile.

I like the look of this one:

Is this a reasonable price? I’ve heard of Singer before. Would it be of good quality? Any other advice?

@? – would something like this be ok:

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3 Responses to “How much can I expect to pay for a decent sewing machine?”

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi there, I am 50+ and have been sewing for a long time ! I aslo teach textiles 🙂
    Firstly well done for asking questions before you buy, a sign of maturity ! Please don’t be tempted by these gimmick £50 machines in pretty colours, they only sew , mothing else. Take a look at a Janome for example, they start at £119 and will do everything you need to do.
    You will need a machine, a range of needles for different fabrics, a buttonholer (if required ) and threads. Thats all !
    Practise sewing on some old fabric for a few hours, to get your lines straight. Practise threading, and loading the bobbin too. The main thing to remember is the foot pedal controls the speed, so take it slowly. Good luck and well done !

  2. Kathy says:

    I bought a nice brother sewing machine at a yard sale last week end $ 5,00 is all I gave for it it needed a cord though it didn’t come with one. Estate sales are a good sorce to buy a pretty good used one as well . 50 and under, Singer is a pretty good machine Brother is pretty good as well you need to turn the thing on if you buy at a yard sale the one I bought was in need of oil bad ,after I oiled it it works fine but I really had to give it the oil. But a nice machine it turned out to be ..

  3. derfini says:

    I’ve also been sewing for 50-odd years and would suggest leaving the Singer machine well alone. The Janome would be a better option, but I’d be reluctant to ever suggest anyone buy a machine off the internet without sitting down and trying it out.

    Do you have any sewing machine shops near you? If price is a factor, ask your family to give you cash for birthday and Christmas in advance to upgrade.

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