How Much Can I Knock Of A Garage Price [car Buying]?

Im looking at buying a used bmw 520d its advertised at £9,375 what is the maximum amount i could walk in and buy it and pay on the day im hopeing i can get a heavy discount paying cash plus the cars already done 90k which works in my favour anyone know.

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  1. Timbo is here says:

    Cash is no big attraction. It is just a nuisance to them to bank and actually costs them to do that. They like people who finance with them as they make money on the finance too along with any associated insurance products like gap cocer for example.
    In summary, do not expect anything off the price but do ask and be prepared to start walking away.

  2. STEPHEN says:

    All the details about the car are completely irrelevant.
    The amount you can get the price reduced is entirely dependent on how much you want the car and how keen the dealer is to make the sale.
    You want this car. The dealer knows that, otherwise you wouldn’t be there trying to buy it. However, do you want this car like it’s your lifetime dream and you’d sell your kids into slavery to have it? Or are you just mildly interested?
    If the dealer gets the impression that you just have to have this car he’s got you. No discount. He knows you’ll pay whatever it takes to get this car.
    To get a good discount you MUST be prepared to walk away if the dealer won’t budge. If he thinks you won’t walk away he won’t drop a single pound from his price.
    However, the factor you have in your favour is how desperate he is to make a sale. If he’s had a good month you’re lost. He doesn’t really need the sale and won’t move o the price.
    If he’s had a slow time lately and he has a target to meet he’ll play ball. You can go in with a really low price and he’ll come down to meet you somewhere in the middle.
    You MUST MUST MUST be prepared to walk away if things don’t go your way.
    You originally said you’d be paying cash and then said ‘finance available’. Finance isn’t like cash to a dealer. Finance has to go through the books. Cash can be somehow ‘lost’ saving him tax.
    Remember, the dealer does this everyday. It’s how he makes his living. He’s probably better at it than you.
    There are other cars out there. Thousands of them.

  3. who_is_j says:

    Cash as said will get them adding on than reducing the price. The BMW dealers are very reluctant to knock money off and rarely do it. They do however “sometimes” give you more on a PX than it is worth and will offer you the “paint protection plan” free, turn it down as it is paying silly money to put a coating of wax on your car and does nothing to protect it.
    As for the car it IS the poverty spec model and EVERYTHING you list is on the basic car as standard. The 5Series is a prestige car and I would not get one that price with such a low spec and mileage.

  4. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    Ask the dealer. If I say you can get it for £8.5k and the dealer chases you, what then?
    It’s down to you.

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