How Much Can United Afford To Spend This Transfer Window?

I’ve just been wondering if anyone has done the maths or if anyone has an estimated figure? Especially since Moyes will need a big budget to reel in some world class players to get the fans’ respect!
I’ve already seen that United have made £60m from broadcasting, and then taking into account Merchandise sales, ticket sales, title rewards, but then also wages and so on.

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One Response to “How Much Can United Afford To Spend This Transfer Window?”

  1. kiwi-bro says:

    United will be given a fair amount to spend. It’s evident that additions are needed, quality additions at that.
    I’m expecting that United will sign a central midfielder and maybe a winger or striker. The potential for a new defender is there, however I don’t think we need one this summer.
    I really can only see United spending around 60mil max all up on maybe a couple signings. Of course if Chicha and/or Rooney was to leave, you can expect that to be a bit higher because a new striker would be needed.
    But given what we have this season, a new midfielder and a new winger is all we need. Could even get away with just the midfielder.

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