How Much Corruption Is Acceptable To Americans?

Much like the invasion of Iraq, the anthrax attacks were designed to deflect attention from unanswered 9/11 questions in the patriotic pandemonium that followed the tragedy. In addition to making large amounts of money for the president’s father and his friends from the hasty sale of inefficient drugs to a panicked populace, the investigation into these killings was abruptly halted when the trail of evidence led straight to the government’s door, and has not been reopened. The anthrax attacks also amped up the climate of fear and deflected attention from the passage of the government’s repressive Patriot Act.

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3 Responses to “How Much Corruption Is Acceptable To Americans?”

  1. oopsooho says:

    $$$ is the american religion
    therefore anything done in the name of $$$ cannot be wrong

  2. Witnesso says:

    for alex jones, none, and millions like him.
    this president is unacceptible by millions. the sad truth is, there are millions that are mesmerized by his lies and hold on to change, when its not for the good, but for the worst, especially christians.

  3. Bill says:

    with the news being controlled as it is, doubtful the American people are even aware of any corruption. even more doubtful most care.

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