How much did the tabloids increase their sales/profits by putting Madeleine McCann on their covers?

Is there any way to find out? Are sales figures available to compare year on year for example?
The Express has paid out around £2 million to the McCanns, Murat and the ‘Tapas Seven’ – I was just wondering how much of a dent that made in their profits. My suspicion is – not much.

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12 Responses to “How much did the tabloids increase their sales/profits by putting Madeleine McCann on their covers?”

  1. Faith says:

    Good point. To make money by sensationalising insinuations regarding a missing child is vile.

  2. Innit says:

    Why? Strange thing to ask.

  3. dangerouslee_hazel says:

    Who is she?

  4. Rosebud says:

    Quite a lot I should say. Seeing as they are throwing it about a bit

  5. Cool Hal says:

    It would not just be done on sales but also advertising revenue – I only hope that it was less that they have paid out to Robert Marrat (Spelling??), Kate and Jerry and the Tapas 7.

    I hate tabloids sensationalism and it any fines need to punish more than the profits that they made otherwise they will continue to do it.

  6. anne s says:

    they increased the fund and the mortgage payments too ,

  7. Guardian angel says:

    Are you still claiming not to be obsessed with the McCanns?

  8. JO-JO MOJO says:

    bad news is good news it makes money, lots and lots of monneeeyyyy

  9. James M says:

    The £2million payout made little difference to the bottom line of the two rags. The simple truth is, all the tabloids will print trash [lies and half truths] to improve circulation and hang the consequences. The sooner the courts have the powers to bring the editors to court and issue crippling fines or prison sentences the sooner we will have a more decent society.

  10. 17pdr says:

    Not half as much as the ‘fund’ profited, and by consequence a whole entourage of vigilante defective agencies on the make.

  11. bert says:

    By nowhere near as much as her parents made !

  12. michael w says:

    It has proved one good thing. If you tell lies about innocent people you pay the price and in this case a public apology as well , something no paper likes doing. Its just a pity the same rule does not apply here.

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