How much difference is there with 4th and 5th books editions?

I was thinking of buying a 5th edition but I found out that my friend own a 4th edition of that book and is happy to lend me. What should I do? buy a new one or stick with the old edition. the old edition is released on 2009 and the new one is 2011.

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One Response to “How much difference is there with 4th and 5th books editions?”

  1. CATHERINE M says:

    Sasori, given the subject matter of this book, I think you really should buy the latest edition (even 2011 sounds a bit out of date – why don’t you check whether a more recent edition was published in 2012!).

    With non-fiction books, a new edition will be published when it is needed because of developments in the particular field (eg in e-technology, new products or new ways of using them). To buy the previous edition would be a bit like installing Word 2000 when Word 2010 is available – it will give you some information, but you won’t be entirely up-to-date.

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