How much discount do you get with a halfords trade card?

I have a halfords trade card that I haven’t used in a while and I’ve forgot what discount you get on items, I know it’s different on certain items like tools and oil and stuff

Any help will do thank you!

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One Response to “How much discount do you get with a halfords trade card?”

  1. Robert J says:

    You get somewhere around 30% on their own brand vehicle parts, supplies (oil etc.) and tools.
    Occasional items have far higher discounts.

    Other makes in the same range of things have lower discount.

    Things unrelated to vehicle engineering like camping, pushbikes etc. generally have no discount.

    Using a trade card on any ‘sale’ or ‘buy one get something free’ type item of any description removes the discount or offer – so the trade price may be higher than the offer price.

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