How much discount if I pay cash?

How much discount if I pay cash on a car in a UK dealership marked up at £20,000.

Pound notes on the table, what could I get off.

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5 Responses to “How much discount if I pay cash?”

  1. Sal*UK says:

    I’d be looking at 20% off and a few extras thrown in, like a full tank of fuel, road tax, mats, etc etc

  2. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    You’ll probably get chased trying to pay for a car with real cash, a dealer isn’t interested in ‘pound notes on the table’, in fact they’re a liability for him to have that much actual money on the premises.

    In any transaction, how much discount you can get depends on many things: Your negotiating skills and those of the dealer (which one of you is a professional I wonder?) the price of the car and how much their mark up is.

    Regardless of what method you use (I’d always do it on a debit/credit card, even for that amount) you might expect 10% discount, but it depends.

  3. pmt853 says:

    I suspect that no reputable dealer would take that much cash without checks on your background in case you are engaged in money laundering. Anyone buying a car would expect to negotiate a substantial discount on the marked price.

  4. . says:

    Likely NOTHING. Dealers hate cash because they make more money getting you into a car loan. The lending agencies give them a commission on every customer they send to them.

  5. Fairdo4all says:

    Nothing, there is no advantage in actual cash to a dealer. Ideally he wants you to finance it with finance issued via him with a company that pays him a commission. Trying to pay cash folding money for a car at that price range is likely to result in Plod knocking on your door as you would be suspected of attempted money laundering.

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