How much do the travel agents earn in each holiday deal?

I wondered, roughly how much travel agent’s make from holiday deals. For instance, how much cheaper would the average holiday be if travel agents were not involved.

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4 Responses to “How much do the travel agents earn in each holiday deal?”

  1. crazygirl says:

    depends on each company percentage that they offer to the agents

  2. Rich says:

    Like car salesman, most depend on commision. But unlike salesman they can’t make a price to receive higher commision, I sure agents earn a lot in holiday since most busy time of year. But, ever since of internet appear for the public, agent business isn’t as good as before; due to people rather wanted to save time. Example I compare price of agent and the website; no different at all.

  3. Girl Stop says:

    They work on commission so it varies

  4. EARL F says:

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