How much do you get off glasses with NHS voucher at vision express?

I am looking to buy a pair of rayban off vision express for £199 how much would these cost with a NHS voucher I am still in full time education?
So do you think they would be under. £90

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2 Responses to “How much do you get off glasses with NHS voucher at vision express?”

  1. hippo37 says:

    The amount the voucher is worth depends on your perscription. It is supposed to be priced at a level that lets you buy a basic pair of glasses suitable for your perscription. Prices for the lenses vary depending on perscription so the amount the voucher is worth varies. You will have to ask the optiican what amount your NHS vouchers are worth.

  2. Mada says:

    I think it depends on the actual price of the glasses, with no extra’s etc. Like, my specs were free, because (on their own) they were £65, which was coverd by the voucher. however, you can get extras, like anti glare etc, this will probably cost extra. i think also, because you are under 19, you may get a discount… just check on that one. My glasses were £45, but that was because I got another pair (half price on two of the same sorts) so I did well, considering my old glasses (one pair) were £85!!!!

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