How much do you think this Eddy Merckx bike is worth?
What are your personal opinions on it?
Do you think its one of the Falcon Cycles knock-offs?

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3 Responses to “How much do you think this Eddy Merckx bike is worth?”

  1. mtrlbiker says:

    This looks like a very nice bike, except for the rust. If purchased, it should really be stripped and cleaned, then repainted. The rusting is typical of a bike that has been used on a trainer, sweat would drip precisely where the rusting is happening. If you could get it for no more tan $350, and had it repainted, this would be a lovely bike to ride, as long as it is a good fit for you. Although the components are dated, they are good quality with one proviso. This vintage Dura Ace is incompatible with other Shimano components. The cassette body will only accept a Dura Ace cassette, the shifters will only work with the Dura Ace derailleur, so if things wear out(and they always do) you may have to search a bit, and pay more for replacement parts.

  2. TREVOR L says:

    Probably not a lot, EM sold his name for use by others, some very cheap bikes, so check out the spec very carefully and compare with bikes without a fancy name.

  3. McG says:

    I don’t think it is a knock off, as it appears correct for a Merckx. Too bad there is rust, because without the rust it would probably bring $600. I think the current bid is hovering around the low end of it’s worth — which should be $350 – $400. The wheels and Dura-Ace components could be sold for $300 easily.

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