How much does an NHS optical voucher pay towards contact lenses?

I have recently started receiving income support as a lone parent because my husband has left me and my twin babies. I have read about an NHS optical voucher, does this provide any cost towards the payment of contact lenses? I currently get daily disposables. Does it also pay towards glasses and sight test? Does it help towards glasses and contacts or just one or the other? Does the optician sort out the paperwork for the voucher? Thank you.
I have found out from specsavers exactly what I’ll get, either the money towards glasses or the equivalent towards contact lenses.

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2 Responses to “How much does an NHS optical voucher pay towards contact lenses?”

  1. KayBee says:

    From my knowledge it helps with the cost of the sight test and glasses not sure about I contact lenses though.

  2. hippo37 says:

    contacts are regarded as a luxury by the NHS so you won’t get support towards this. I can’t help you with the rest I’m afraid. Suggest you contact teh citizens advice bureau if you’d rather not ask the optician direct.

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