How much does it cost to advertise a deal on Groupon UK?

I want to advertise a deal for a meal offer in a restaurant on groupon but can’t seem to find out how much it costs. Does anyone have any information/knowledge on this?

Many thanks

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2 Responses to “How much does it cost to advertise a deal on Groupon UK?”

  1. Molli says:

    My first and foremost advice would be Not to advertise on Groupon and the likes. Because they expect you to discount your offer by 50-60% then take 40-50% margin on every coupon sold. Essentially you ( the merchant) leaves with 0 profit and just one time deal hunters. Although if you are a service based business such as spa, massages, etc where you are selling service then it may work well as an introductory offer but do give a bounce back to your customers so that they come to you again and again.
    For instance top restaurants in London like Cinnamon Soho, Cinnamon club have never been seen advertising with groupon. On speaking to their team i figured out the backend details..

  2. Just Google it. says:

    you have to apply, they don’t let just anyone list their deals there without them being checked out first, fill this form out to start, then they’ll talk prices with you.

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