How Much Does The Average Financial Adviser Return Their Clients…?

I know they charge ridiculous fees…
If I’m getting awesome gains of 12-20%/month–should I even bother seeking one out…?
Finally, trading with such a small amount of money (<10k) has deterred my progress. 8 trades per month is $64.
Are there any brokerage accounts where I can get very cheap or free trades (non-promotional)? How much money would they require you to do so?
And what are the disadvantages of a discount broker or signing up via a promotion (i.e. TD Ameritrade). If I switched to TD, I might make use of 16 trades in that time frame ($128). I just can't seem to justify that. I may want to hold on to a couple and I have no idea what their platform is like.

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One Response to “How Much Does The Average Financial Adviser Return Their Clients…?”

  1. Common Sense says:

    No financial adviser will get you 12%-20% a month over long periods of time. None.
    Using a broker like TD Ameritrade is a great idea. There’s no downside, as long as they offer the services that you need. The ThinkOrSwim platform is just about as good as it gets.
    If you think you’ll get gains of 12%-20% a month… then you have absolutely no clue what trading or investing is all about. None. Zilch. Zero. You are fooling yourself. Period.

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