How Much Financial Aid Refund Was I Suppose To Receive?

so I am a freshmen and I am new to all this. my total tuition was 3,023 including the book voucher of 500 dollars. my total amount of financial aid is 4,500 for each semester but I only received a check of 273 dollars can someone with experience explain it to me i will appreciate it very much.

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One Response to “How Much Financial Aid Refund Was I Suppose To Receive?”

  1. Rick says:

    “Tuition” does not include cost of books, tuition is the cost of classes.
    But without more information it’s hard to say for sure, as it could be a lot of things – including that you might have misunderstood how much total financial aid you were eligible for. The only person that’s going to be to answer you for sure is the financial aid office at your school, but keep in mind there’s a logical explanation why you only got $273 back.
    Apparently you thought you had quite a sum of money coming, and all I can suggest to you is that financial aid is not supposed to be a profit-making endeavor for students.
    If you want spare cash, Get A Job.

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