How Much Is An Emergency Room (er) Visit?

I went to the ER because my heart was hurting and they only check my heart with some stickers and cables. I don’t know what they were, and then they took me 3 x ray from my abdomen, and it turn out I was fine nothing was wrong with me. I spend only one hour in the ER at Integris. How much would I have to pay? they told me to pay 280 by Tuesday for a 25% discount.

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6 Responses to “How Much Is An Emergency Room (er) Visit?”

  1. box1927 says:

    My blood sugar dropped to 40 and I spent 5 hours in an ER two weeks ago. I got a bill for $860 and that does not include the ambulance or the doctor.

  2. i_was_my says:

    You had an EKG and an chest xray. For 280 that is a very good price in most hospitals for an ER room. It often costs a lot more that that little bit.

  3. gene says:

    $300 for a cardiac evaluation, that is just the room fee. You still will get a bill from the cardiologist who read the EKG and the radiologist who read the Chest X-ray. Keep track of what you spend, it all counts toward you health insurance deductible if you have health insurance and your medical expenses for next years income tax

  4. Brian Steele says:

    About as much as a used car lol 1000 to 1500 the hospital here charges for everything!

  5. Serene E says:


  6. emgee says:

    About a grand. Why don’t you have insurance? Don’t tell me you can’t afford it. What would happen if you needed emergency surgery? Say you have appendicitis, that will be over $50K. Can you afford that?
    By the way, you had an EKG. And x-rays checking for an aneurysm.
    How sad it is, to go in for tests and to be clueless about them.

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