How Much “mm” Is A Good Quality Telescope?

I am going to buy a telescope because i love space + stars. but all my past telescopes have just been toys and i don’t understand the measurements. i dont want it to be too expensive becuase it wont get THAT much use (very cloudy) but on clear nights i can see stars and id loe too see them a bit closer. ill probably buy it off

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2 Responses to “How Much “mm” Is A Good Quality Telescope?”

  1. GeoffG says:

    It’s not so much the “mm” (aperture) as the quality of the telescope, but usually I recommend 150mm aperture as a minimum for anything to be more than just a toy. Since your budget under $100, that’s out of the question. The best suggestion I can make is the SkyWatcher Heritage 76 (also sold as the Orion FunScope and the Celestron FirstScope). Not a great telescope, but much better than everything else in the “under $100” category.
    Astronomy clubs are found all over the world, and are a wonderful resource. Try a Google search on “YourTown astronomy club” putting the name of your town instead of “YourTown” and see what you find.
    Those National Geographic scopes are junk, just toys. Look for the SkyWatcher/Orion/Celestron 76mm reflector as I suggested above. Not great, but better than everything else!

  2. Morningf says:

    If you’re going to spend less than £125 or US$ 200, then don’t get a telescope at all. They just are not very good at that price. Get some astronomy binoculars. They are much more affordable for a good pair, easier to carry around, and you will get much more enjoyment out of them.
    A decent 7×50 or 10×50 is what I would recommend. But even then, a pair under $50 is not going to be very well constructed. Even with $100, you’re still going to get low-medium quality.

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