How much of my sales should I donate to the charity?

I am selling my jewellery in aid of a local charity at a craft fair this weekend and i don’t know what percentage of my sales I should donate. I need to make some money for myself to get back what I have spent in supplies and hopefully make a little bit of profit, but I want to be able to give a decent donation.

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5 Responses to “How much of my sales should I donate to the charity?”

  1. photog says:

    You know how much you spent on the supplies.
    So take that out and donate the rest to the charity.

  2. laplandfan says:

    That is so kind.
    What about 20%

  3. dj_abhinav says:

    Take care of your needs first. Then whatever money you are left with, donate it (whatever portion you want to) with a full heart.

  4. Herbie says:

    Its up to you entirely. But if you are advertising the sale as being in aid of a local charity and are keeping some of the money yourself you need to say on your publicity what percentage of takings is going to the charity.
    Perhaps you might work out what your expenses have been and how much profit you wish to keep and that will give you an idea of what prices you would need to ask for the jewellery if you were not going to give anything to charity. Bear in mind that you might not sell it all, especially if it is expensive. Then anything over this amount that you think you might get can be the percentage you give away.
    Hope you have a successful sale.

  5. Send A Cow says:

    I think thats a really nice gesture – I reckon donate as much as you can really. Every little goes a long way with any charity. I currently work on behalf of a charity called Send A Cow not sure if you’ve heard of them but the charity help families in 9 different African countries by sending a cow to help in their farming pursuits so that the people involved can have a better quality of life from the money that they make. Have a look at the send a cow website as there is really great content so far its helped promote equality within the homes, funded children going to school, helped improve farming techniques and much more. At the moment the charity has come out with a catalogue full of great ideas for christmas gifts…e.g.:- £10 –Training on how to build a vegetable garden.
    – Beat the Bugs £15 – Training in animal wellbeing and basic veterinary care.
    – A Cracking Team £30- 10 chickens with training.
    – A Well Rooted Solution £75- Tree planting to overcome climate -change and prevent soil erosion.

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