How much should I bid for this rare coca cola fridge?

I think it’s pretty unusual therefore I want to buy it …what’s a good price to bid to?
It’s got ages left though Grrr I hate waiting,


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4 Responses to “How much should I bid for this rare coca cola fridge?”

  1. emad says:

    £40 i think

  2. DarkLight2009 says:

    I always bid in the last few seconds of an auction

  3. RichB says:

    Whatever you think it’s worth and can afford!

    There’s no point bidding £500 if you can only afford £50, or if you think £500 is a silly price to pay for a fridge.

    99% of things on ebay described as "rare" are not actually rare, but you probably knew that.

  4. Animal Lover says:

    You should bid the least you can bid. Try $21 and if anyone raises you then add it to a dollar above. I think that’s the best thing to do.
    Good luck!

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