How Much Should I Give For Christmas?

I’m going to give money to a couple of people to christmas (one to go towards tattoo, another for a clothes shop that don’t do vouchers etc.) but how much? I work a part time job but I’ve done a lot of shifts lately, so I might get around £400/500 this month..I usually put 200 in a saving account, but I’ll leave it at a 100 until I sort christmas presents. I was thinking about giving £50 to each person, but I expect they’ll tell me off for ‘spending too much’.

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3 Responses to “How Much Should I Give For Christmas?”

  1. JellyFis says:

    Just give what you can reasonably afford without going short yourself. Marb.

  2. Youknow it says:

    I’m tight as hell I wouldn’t give £20 away
    But seeming its christmas ill probably spend about. £50 on each of my family members
    I’d say you should spend about £50/60/70.
    I usual save up for holidays for my family than expensive gifts

  3. Debi says:

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