How Much Should I Save Up If I Want To Buy This Car?

Alright, so I’m 19. Live in California. I want to buy my friends 2011 Mazda 3 s Sport Hatchback at the end of summer-ish. I own a Scion xb 2005 and itll probably be worth about 4,500-5000. The Mazda is gonna sell for about 15-16000, maybe in the lower 15k or even upper 14k by then when the 2014 model comes out. Do i have to pay sales tax to buy it from my friend? Or is there a way to sneak around that and still have it registered. Also, Im probably only gonna save up around 7-8k by the time hes ready to sell it. Plus my xB, ill have about 12-13k and then the rest will be loaned from the bank and/or my mom. Do you know what kind of a loan Chase could give me? 2 thousand? 3 thousand? Also, anybody know what the insurance is like for these things? i pay about 120 a month for my scion. never reported any crashes. i have USAA.

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