How Much Will An Iphone Cost Me?

I know some people think they are overrated or just don’t like them but I started to think that I want one. I was working at a temporary job that offered a big discount (I could have gotten the phone for eighty dollars!), regrettably I just couldn’t decide because they wouldn’t say what the cost would be with taxes. I live in Massachusetts discount or no discount how much would an iPhone cost me? I know he said I could do one GB and not two to save money but can you help me calculate what I need to save before I buy one? If I have one GB or two GB and a one year or two year plan plus taxes…what amount am I looking at? I don’t even have to get the NEW phone (I’d be cool with the old model). What would it be either way? Thank you!
Please keep in mind I can’t get that discount anymore as I am not at that job anymore.
Again, I greatly appreciate any information you have! Thanks again 🙂

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