How Much Will My First Paycheck Be?

I just started working. I’ll be getting paid bi weekly (every 2 weeks) I worked 24hrs this weekend, I work 40hrs next week, and I work 16hrs leading up to the following friday, although the total for that week is 30.75hrs, but I don’t know if that counts to the paycheck or not. I get $8.50/hr, how much will a rough estimate be and I know this is before taxes.

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  1. says:

    I can’t answer that as there are too many variables. Your pay may be held back a week or two so the first work period of 2 weeks, you may not get any pay until the 2nd 2 week period and it may cover the first week. Most companies hold back either a week or two of pay to give them time to get the pay records in so you may be paid in the two week period following the end of the first pay schedule. since I don’t know when your paycheck is coming in relation to the hours you worked. For instance, up until Saturday that you worked, I don’t know how many hours that was. The Sunday hours might go on next week and I don’t know if the normal pay date is at the end of that week or the next week If you skip one week then you would be paid and that was pay week, your first pay would be the 24 hours and the 40 hrs for a total of 64 hours for the 2 weeks. But it may be be the following week if the paydate were the next time. When you leave sometime in the future then you would collect the last pay up to 2 weeks after you leave though they could pay you early. It all depends on how long they hold the check before paying and it is for getting accurate payroll records. and depends on when the pay period is. You could be skipping 1 week or two weeks or even three weeks depending on the 1 or 2 week hold back and also when the payday falls. Hang in there, it will be coming. You keep a copy of the pay voucher or timesheet you turn in. You will need to make sure it is turned in properly and on time.

  2. John says:

    Your first paycheck is $204.00 minus taxes, dues, etc. the next pay period is November 11- November 24

  3. Average Joe says:

    700 im guessing

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