How Much Will My Lack Of Employent History At An Advanced Age Hurt My Resume?

I graduated from university at 22 with a B.A. in liberal arts. I had some money saved up from gambling winnings (mostly online poker) that totaled about $25,000 and lived off of that for a year. At 23 took a job as a paralegal but quit after 3 weeks, then I began a sales job for a steel company but got fired within a month for sexual harassment. At this point I decided to go back to school to study accounting. Unfortunately my credits did not all transfer and I will not complete my degree (actually I wound up doing a double major in accounting and corporate finance) until I turn 25, which will happen simultaneously this upcoming May. In the fall of 2013 I will began a one year program at UNC to complete my masters degree. My GPA was very strong and I was granted early admission.
The problem I’ve been having is that I’m not enjoying my accounting internship and fear that I will hate the job. I’m planning on taking the LSATs next month and if I’m admitted to a good law school I may decide to pursue a legal career. My brief work experience as a paralegal was mildly enjoyable but I quit because at the time I was more interested in the possibility of earning a lucrative income, so I took a chance on a sales job that didn’t pan out.
Even though I’m not enjoying my experience thus far within the accounting industry, I’ve come too far to not finish my original plan. I’m going to complete my dual undergrad degrees, get my masters, and if I get accepted I will attend law school on a GradPlus loan. The problem is that by the time I’d be starting law school, the Fall of 2014, I will be 26 years old. I realize that many people begin law school at an advanced age but do they also have no respectable employment history?
The other possibility is that I attend law school, find that I don’t enjoy (or I’m academically uncompetitive/overmatched by peers) the coursework and decide to cut my losses and quit school. At this point I’d theoretically have an accounting masters to fall back on. But will anyone hire an accounting grad who is 27 years old and has never held a legitimate job for longer than one month? If I complete 3 years of law school I will be 29 with no employment history. Will i get hired by anyone? Will excellent grades give me a chance?

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