How much will this tabletop fridge cost to run ?

i was wondering how much it would cost to run this proline tabletop fridge if we used it then it would be in the garage and we would have the temperaure between 3 and 4. We are with e.on for electricity and we dont have dual fuel.

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One Response to “How much will this tabletop fridge cost to run ?”

  1. OLLIE says:

    There is no definitive answer to your question. table top fridges are CHEAP to run but the cost cannot be defined because of the huge variables. 1. outside temp. 2. how full? more stuff in ,less running cost. 3. how often door opens, the more the door the more the cost. unlike light bulbs or t.v.’s a fridge only runs part of the time, so run cost varies with all these factors

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