How safe & secure is to shop online?

I’ve an online account with, i’ve not yet placed any orders. there is no mention of payment security that i can see. Does anyone know if at the end of the payment process is there is a verified by visa ? And also how reliable is ? It’s just that any new online site i order with i’m cautious about giving my debit card details. Thought i’d come here first to check out the site in general.. Thanks
Thanks. Is there also a "verified by visa" security near the end of payment process ?
@ Steve B…What is a v4v card ?, i’ve never heard of it !

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3 Responses to “How safe & secure is to shop online?”

  1. fellbuddy says:

    I have never had any problem with Amazon. It seems to be a very secure site . I have used them for years and never had any problem with the goods, only once had a problem with a delivery and that was the delivery firm messing up not the seller, no problems with payment. I like amazon

  2. jack says:

    I had no problems and received items next day

  3. Steve B says:

    Yes (if you used a v4v card …)

    BE WARNED .. more than one Browser (MSIE, Firefox) can ‘remember’ your v4v password !!

    So, unless you want anyone sitting at your PC to place orders on Amazon and have your v4v password sent automatically when Amazon ‘asks’ for payment, be 100% sure to ‘UN-TICK’ the ‘Remember this password’ box when (if) it pops up (or go into settings and choose ‘never remember passwords’) 🙂

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