How sales in shops work?

Do they put their products on sale because theyre old and wanna get rid of the stuff and bring in the new stuff? Or what? Please explain and add more detail

All answers are appreciated <3 Thanks

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  1. Darren Turner says:

    Products tend to be on offer based on a few conditions, Business have many reasons to put items on sale from it being their worst seller and want to increase its sales, to just wanting to increase competition. Here are a couple examples,

    1) Like you identified the products are old/ dated and need to be sold so the price is slashed. This will allow them to get rid of stock quickly as Waste is expensive, i would rather sell the product at a cheap price rather than pay for it to be disposed.

    2) It is a new product on the market and that particular product industry is saturated. For example when Virgin launched its Cola range they entered the market at an extremely low price to undercut the leading competitor Coke. This was to drive sales and increase market share once established prices go up.

    It all depends on the industry, demand and the market.

  2. the doctor says:

    Its all about demand! Things that are popular at the time like a new movie or cd etc will be priced according to the damand for it.. then over the coming months when interest drops so will the price.

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