How should a fat teen girl dress?

I am anything from size 14 from Asda, to size 20 from Marks and Spencer in tops.
My bottom half is around size 20.
I am losing weight, but what should I wear to make me feel confident? I never feel confident, apart from if I am wearing dark jeans and a loose hoody. What can I wear everyday to make me feel better? I am 13. I know it is unhealthy, that is why I am trying to lose weight. It has taken ages for me to drop 8lbs.
I only eat fruit and vegetables. I don’t eat unhealthy food anymore.
I dunno either. I can go from a 14 at asda, to a 20 at marks 😛 it might be the type of fabric. I aslo prefer loose hoodys 😛

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  1. Maddy, mum to Maya and bride to be says:

    You can’t just eat fruits and vegetables, yes they are healthy but you are doing your body damage by not getting all the nutrition it needs. You need protein too, carbs for energy. You also need to exercise to help burn the fat because at the minute you are proably just losing very little as your body has gone into starvation mode due to you eating very little.
    I personally think anyone can wear what they want. I find it a little odd that you can go from a 14-20. I wear a size 14 in Asda and I am the same size in Marks and Spencers.

  2. Faye says:

    i would suggest wearing floaty tunics/ tops with jeans or black leggings, DONT wear tight vest tops as that will not help your confidence at all but really diminish it. Also try wearing dresses out and about because you cant tell as much with dresses, but really if you feel comfortable wearing hoodies and jeans then continue to do so. i see your trying to lose weight, well dont starve yourself coz it will not help as much just go jogging atleast 4 times per week and cut down on the unhealthy food 🙂

  3. Eileen says:

    Try yoga pants everyone wears them and a tip on losing waight try not to eat before u go to bed unless your really hungry and try not to eat junk food at night it makes it harder to lose waight and when u eat late it gets additing it happens it everyone sometimes ill eat something before I go to bed for three nights and then it might be come a habit and you’ll want to eat something every night before u go to bed but
    Anyway good luck on losing waight and there’s quote out there that says if u be negative about losing waight it’s just gonna be harder to lose waight u have to believe like try not to day stuff like ohh I don’t think I’m ever gonna lose this or why me, u have to fight it like try me

  4. Bobby D says:

    Look at how Beth Ditto dresses. Perhaps use her as inspiration.

    As for your diet, fruit and veggies are great, but you also need some lean meat. A piece, about the size of the palm of your hand, grilled, each day will help you to have healthy muscles, plus protein helps you to lose weight.

  5. JalousieCoeur12 says:

    don’t just eat fruits and veg, it isn’t good, your body needs protein and good carbs and WATER! look up the general motor plan diet, i think you’ll find it helpful 🙂

    tip: don’t wear baggy clothes, they make you look even worse

  6. ? says:

    Hi Honey

    It doesnt matter what you look in the outside really the inside counts. I bet you are really nice and a kind person with a good personality.

    I suggest that you wear nice, bright clothes in different colours and style, try new look, dorothy perkins, topshop and maybe forever 21 they do some really great clothes.

    Also if you want to lose weight make sure you exercise as well go running, swimming, yoga, philates and things like rock climbing and other stuff, see if u can join a leisure centre.

    If u want to feel confident maybe put on a bit of makeup, spray on a nice perfume, do ur hair nicely before you go out, u can even pamper urself have nice bubble baths with scented candles, face masks, do ur nails, use good facial and body lotions things like that.

    Bye and good luck xxxx

  7. Claudia says:

    Try wearing tight tights under trousers or really tight leggings because it will squeeze the fat and make you look like there is less. for tops use like this tight thing under it to hide tummy fat:

  8. Light says:

    Try black! Another tip is wear all of one color to make you appear taller / slimmer (some say that works).

    Also avoid horizontal stripes and anything too tight or baggy. 🙂

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