How should I deal with my period in a caravan?

I’m going to Cornwall in a few weeks and my period is due around the start and I’m staying in our own caravan whilst there. It’s a two week holiday and I don’t know what to do about my period. I’m 14 and I don’t really want to use tampons. How do I deal with them? Or is there a way to delay them a couple of weeks or make them a week early? I’m planning on doing lots of swimming there and if I’m on my period then I won’t be able to enjoy my holiday at all.
Please help!!!!!

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3 Responses to “How should I deal with my period in a caravan?”

  1. Christine says:

    The doctor can give you some pills to delay your period. Or try some of these (genuinely work!!)
    If your allowed, take something with ibuprofen in as it stops it, do this once a day
    Suck a lemon – actually works
    Get pregnant (not my top suggestion lol
    Exercise more
    Birth control pills?
    If not use tampons – they are the best for this situation. They dont hurt and its not like loosing your virginity dont worry 🙂

  2. Cherry says:

    There’s usually pills that can make your period come later or make it lighter. I really suggest you use tampons, as they are not painful and much more convenient. If you can’t get either of those, it’s best to just pack some pads and liners and hope for the best.

  3. Athene says:

    I wouldn’t recommend chemically adjusting your menstrual cycle, it’s not something I would do having looked into the chemical aspect.

    If you’re not happy with tampons then buy some slim sanitary towels – they are relatively expensive but I think they’re worth it for ‘special’ occasions such as holidays. I find the ones with wings the best. However you probably won’t want to go swimming whilst you’re actually menstruating (bleeding), unless you wear tampons. I think I wore tampons from about age 13, and they have progressed technically since then. Maybe try a slim one (for the lightest flow) with an applicator tube? Don’t try to insert one whilst you’re not actually "on" though.

    Have a lovely holiday 🙂

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