How should I deal with the upstairs neighbour following a leak?

The kitchen ceiling in my flat has had a leak from the upstairs flat- faulty water heater I think. It has been a continuous drip down the wall and into the plasterboard. I spoke to the upstairs flat owner who had just moved in and he didn’t want to get involved. He said he had a plumber coming the next day and he would deal with it then. In the meantime water has continued to come through and run down the walls onto the laminate floor. When it finally dries out there will be damage to assess but I think the other owner doesn’t think he needs to be involved. If he refuses to discuss compensation or contact his insurance company, what steps can I take next?


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One Response to “How should I deal with the upstairs neighbour following a leak?”

  1. Margaret S says:

    You claim on your insurance then your insurance company will deal with other party and their insurance company.

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