How to advertise my ebay listing?

I cant seem to attract much attention and i find it difficult to sell things even if they are the cheapest,

This is one example
i searched for it on ebay and i cant even find the listing how am i supposed to sell?

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One Response to “How to advertise my ebay listing?”

  1. Girlie Electrics says:

    Are they all "private" listings? Lot of buyers won’t touch them on that basis alone.

    LONG, LONG delivery lead time.
    Do you expect to hold onto a buyers money for 4 weeks before posting off?

    AND: You appear to be a business, yet no business contact information displayed. No returns policy displayed.

    If I were looking for games etc, I wouldn’t touch those listings with a barge pole.
    Rightly or wrongly, it screams "Scammer"

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