How To Answer “tell Me About Yourself” Job Interview?

I have a job interview with a local discount clothing store. This will my first job by the way. I had some concerns about how I should answer “tell me about yourself”.
I looked on the Internet but all of those seemed for a more corporate job.
I have no previous work history or relevant volunteer service. I graduated high school 2010 went on to a community college for a year 2010-2011. I’ve been out of school and going back spring 2013.
Should I discuss my schooling, or personal attributes, hobbys (I like art) idk help please!

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One Response to “How To Answer “tell Me About Yourself” Job Interview?”

  1. Kimberly says:

    I took a job training course for a month, they taught me how to get and look for a job. From filling out applications properly to interviewing correctly.
    Anyway…what I learned in that class was that when an employer asked you that question to never start talking about your personal life. They want to hear about you’re goals, achievements, qualities, skills stuff that can reflect on your future position, not about how you really need a job to pay for your bills blah blah blah…always speak confidently, keep eye contact and give a nice firm hand shake. Good luck!

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