How to build an E-commerce website that uses only Vouchers?

I want to build and run an ecommerce website, but not one that requires the customer’s details, just one that you can purchase items using voucher codes…Is this possible, and is there an open-source content management system that I can use to build this…for Free?

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2 Responses to “How to build an E-commerce website that uses only Vouchers?”

  1. toma enev says:

    Magento is a free web shop software that has a coupon system.
    You can also disable payment modules.

  2. mark williams says:

    Yep, it’s easily possible. I’ve written my own e-commerce package and this would just mean getting rid of the payment gateway and having a voucher code system in replace of it.

    I could build something that would generate/validate voucher codes too.

    I’m looking to design more ecommerce websites based on my program as well as add new features to it. It’s got a very usable dashboard that includes a content management system, a way to track/view members details, sales details, add/amend products and more.

    I’d do it for free providing you paid a good graphics designer to come up with the design – this would cost you around £200, I’d even host it for you too, all you’d need is to buy a domain name (around £10-£20 per year)

    So, for £220 you’d have an amazing looking site. My benefit would be that I get to use it as an example to market my ecommerce.

    To view an example (the only current example 🙁 of my ecommerce visit

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