How To Calculate Handling Costs In Excel With The Following Worksheets?

Before looking at the problem, look at these links below:
Note: These worksheets are in the same workbook, which is called Golf Orders2.
Here’s the problem:
Handling worksheet:
Range Name: HandlingFee (B2:G3)
In cell D17 of the Orders worksheet, calculate the handling cost. Be certain to account for the minimum handling charge. Handling fees are based on the total order value excluding shipping and discounts.
Here’s what I have so far. I typed this formula on the Orders worksheet in Cell D17:
=MAX(20, INDEX(HandlingFee,C3,C4,C5)*C2)
Does this look right?

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One Response to “How To Calculate Handling Costs In Excel With The Following Worksheets?”

  1. Ron says:

    No, I’m slightly confused that your asking the index to find the intersection of C3 (Region Number) and C4 (Shipping Method) in the HandlingFee range and then mulitply it by the C2 (Shipping Weight), which appears to be based up solely upon the order total from your description.
    I believe what your trying to accomplish is…

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