How To Cancel An Order On Ebay That I Havent Even Payed For?

Hey guys, today i accidently bought a game on ebay, when i went to pay for it i was actually going to use a paypal voucher that i got for free, seems it didnt actually work so i just went back… i have no money on my paypal and on ebay it says i have bought the game?? do i need to cancel the order or do i just leave it without paying for it? thanks heaps guys …

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3 Responses to “How To Cancel An Order On Ebay That I Havent Even Payed For?”

  1. Kenny Nguyen says:

    Contact the seller and ask them to cancel the sale and hope that they go through with it or else you gotta pay up buddy

  2. Angel says:

    cancel it and let the seller know what happened

  3. Jerry says:

    The only way to cancel a transaction on eBay is to contact seller and ask to cancel.This may seamk a little unfair,however if seller wonts to casncel they have to ask buyer as well.
    If seller does not wont to cancel and you do not pay,seller will open an item not payed case and you will get an item not paid strick. Buyer with two or more stricks can be blocked from bidding or buying.
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