How To Choose An Area Rug

Area rugs are a very important design element of any interior. It can visually combine different elements of furniture and decor to give the room new energy. Designers have several important rules, which you should follow if you are going to beautify your home by area rug.

First, think about the size of the area rug you want to have. The middle size area rug – from 5×7 to 8×10 can serve as an independent d├ęcor element of your room.

Large area rug with size 9×12 and more is able to change the room look totally. But small rugs are ideal for beatifying separate points of your room – spaces before a fire place or a bed, where they produce a 'splash' of color and warmth.

You should have a middle sized area rug in front of your sofa or under the cocktail table in the living room. But if you want to use large area rugs which cover the whole living room, choose the size which would leave 6 "-7" between the rug and the wall. Here is a small secret: regardless of the size of the area rug you use in the room, imagine all possible combinations of placement of the people on the sofas, chairs or armchairs and place the area rug so the sitting guest will be able to put Both feet on the rug. Keep in mind that it is OK to have more than one area rug in the living room. You can use multiple area rugs to define separate conversation areas.

If you are going to put a large area rug in the dining room, choose the size which will allow putting not just front legs of the chair but rear legs as well.

Use very durable area rugs in the foyer. It is a good idea to have wool area rugs because it is a very strong fiber which will not loose its shape.

We do not recommend a room size area rug in the bed room, because the major of the rug will appear under the bed. First at all it will not please your eye and also it will make very good living condition for moths. That's why you should use several small size area rugs in the bed room. It is a good decision to have one rug before your bed and two more on the sides.

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