How to Clean a Wool Area Rug

Cleaning a wool carpet requires special techniques. The natural fibers are used to make them extra care must be given. With proper care, they can be a wonderful addition to any room in a house. Using the non-harmful products and the right cleaning method protects your carpet from damage. One of the best ways to clean your wool area rug is by not allowing shoes on. Ask anyone who comes in to remove their shoes and make it a regular habit of everyone in the household. This will keep off a large percentage of the dirt from the carpet and the rest of your home. By doing this one simple thing, carpet cleaning by an expert on familiar terms with how clean a wool carpet will will be needed less often

How clean wool rugs -. Vacuuming

Remove dust and loose dirt from the carpet with a high quality vacuum. Companies that knowledge of carpet cleaning will tell you that these rugs should be vacuumed as often as wall to wall carpet. New carpets to get rid of excess fiber by shedding. If not removed, they will be fuzzy and the appearance on the carpet. The beater bar on your vacuum cleaner can get confused these fibers and pull on them. Set soft brush height as high as possible to avoid unnecessary agitation on the carpet. Otherwise, the fibers will be damaged and may be the pill or shrink. The beater bar brushes should be only lightly touching during vacuuming. If the bag or container is more than half full, modify or empty before vacuuming. This will be better for more suction to remove dirt. Leave the vacuum over the carpet does not run in a straight line. Instead, a “V” pattern prevent breakage of the fibers. The back of the wool-area rug can also be cleaned if desired. Now that you have basic knowledge of how wool area rugs clean, let’s look at other ways to clean and preserve your precious possession

How wool area rug cleaning -. Cleaning Tips

Every 1-2 years your wool carpet needs deep cleaning of someone who knows how wool area carpet to clean. Professional cleaning removes all the dirt and soil vacuuming regularly can not. Even with continuous vacuuming, dirt still working its way into the fibers embedded in the carpet. Having an expert who knows how to clean wool area rug do the cleaning will keep your carpet looking bright and new. It will also be much longer. Consult an expert to see if smaller wool carpets can be cleaned at home. Some wool carpets can be cleaned with a garden hose and a mild detergent on a flat surface. A carpet cleaning service that is familiar with how to clean a wool carpet can give security and recommendations for cleaning at home. Avoid cleaners such as bleach, oxygen cleaners, alkaline cleaners, and dry powders. They will more harm than good. Remove spills quickly and have a professional take care of any stains on your carpet.

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