How to Clean a Wool Or Silk Rug – Can I Clean One Myself?

When working with rug made out of wool or silk you are generally dealing with a hand made rug. Hand made rugs are extremely hard to clean properly if you don’t have the right equipment and experience. where if you are dealing with a machine made wool rug it is much easier.

What is the process of cleaning a hand made rug in the right way some may ask?

Cleaning a hand made rug is a 9 step process. You first have to analyze weather your rug is color wash safe or not. Assuming your rug is color wash safe (Note: most rugs made in the last 20 years that are hand made are) you may proceed to the next step. You lay your rug on the ground in a clean out door area where you have a good drain system. Then with a hose and orbiting carpet cleaner along with some mild detergent you clean the rug up and down. When finished with the orbiting rug cleaner one good rinse of water taking out all the detergent is a must. The next step is to place the rug in a press that will take out 90-98% off the water that is in your rug After that place the rug opened up and facing up in the hot sun for three hours. The next step is to hang your rug in a room that is 40-50 feet above the ground. This room is none as the oven room. The room is heated anywhere from 80fh to 100fh. After about 4 hours in the oven room your cleaning process is complete.

Keep in mind hand tufted rugs have a cotton backing witch is glued to the back of the rug When cleaning a hand tufted rug you must take more precautions in order to not over water loge the rug In most cases I highly recommend you leave the cleaning up to the professionals. Also make a note that most dry cleaners do not properly clean hand made rugs. They simple just place them into a washing machine. And as I am sure most of us have experienced with dry cleaners they take no liability on any of there services. The average carpet / upholstery cleaners have no understanding of what it takes to clean a rug They believe a hand made rug is cleaned just like wall to wall carpet. Granted they do get away with some but it’s always a risk. At American floor covering center we professionally clean your rugs. We work with companies that have been cleaning rugs for generations and have a high Insurance for all rugs including antique rugs. The long steps are taken to ensure you nothing but the best. After all there is only one way to get a deep clean out of your rug with out damaging your investment.

Cleaning most wool machine made rugs can be cleaned using a commercial carpet cleaner that brushes your rug and sucks out the water. You may use products like Rug Doctor and as a detergent you may use Wool Light. Pick an extremely hot day to clean your rug Lay your rug on the hot black top. Once your done using your carpet cleaner let the rug sit in the sun for 7 hours or until the rug is dry. It also help to rotate the rug every hour or two in insure an even dry. For more info about rugs go to American Floor Covering Center .com your number one flooring source.

Source by Elan Maher

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