How to Clean an Oriental or Area Rug That Has Pet Urine

The first step in cleaning an Oriental or area rug is pre-inspection. You need the type of material it is made of identification. Some carpets are made by hand and some made his machine. Most handmade carpets contain no glue and many are made of wool. Not the hand washing a carpet which contains glue as well as hand wash will break the adhesive. I also do not suggest hand washing a carpet underlay or a cotton rugs that have a similar support such as carpet, because these carpets contain has glue.

1.Identify the material it is made of carpet. Most wool, nylon, and polypropolene carpets are cleaned as they do not contain glue. I would consult a professional if one is made of cotton, silk, or rayon.

2. Vacuum thoroughly, test the blanket for dye stability with a white cloth and neutral oriental carpet cleaner. Hold for at least 1 minute with the concentrated cleaner. If there is little or no dye has bled onto the cloth, especially a pet urine as these areas are likely to be highly alkaline, then you should be safe to proceed. I say “should be safe to continue” because there is no guarantee that you will not cause damage to the carpet when cleaning. There is always a risk of damage to the carpet cleaning. I believe dye migration during drying is the most important cause of carpet damage as a result of the cleaning.

3. Dusting is recommended, but not required. Dusting the carpet can be achieved by vacuuming the carpet on its head.

used preferably on top of a drag mat for providing baseball fields, as this will help to attack more dirt from the carpet.

4. Dampen the carpet until soaked with water. You can use a garden hose with the carpet on a sloping concrete ramp. Note: The best way to clean a rug made from pit 3 “PVC with a pond liner would be

5 Verdun carpet cleaning solution, as recommended by the manufacturer and pour the carpet and make sure to have good coverage …

6. Bridegroom solution into the carpet and shake with a big broom or carpet groomer.

7. Allow to dwell time, usually 30 minutes to an hour is good.

8. Rinse. This is where a carpet pit is very useful because you can fill the tank and rinse the carpet cleaning solution from the carpet easier, and drain with a submersible pump. A ramp with a slope works, it just takes a lot of effort to rinse the back.

9. With a sour carpet and textile rinse solution is recommended as a final rinse. It can be added to the carpet pit when full or diluted with a 5 liter bucket of water and poured onto the carpet as the cleaning in a driveway.

The flushing of the carpet with water as much as possible the best with both methods. I recommend using a carpet wall to help with the flushing of the carpet, along with the water by pressing and dragging something along the blanket.

10. Vacuum as much water out of the carpet with a carpet cleaner portable or truck-mounted carpet extractor and a carpet wand. Hint :. Getting the carpet as dry as possible during this time is very important

11. Hang to dry. I recommend building a drying rack with 3 “PVC drape the blanket. An air mover underneath the carpet to dry the moisture falling with gravity at the bottom of the carpet.

12. wait for complete drying. This is usually 3-4 days depending on the weather. I recommend it to dry indoors in a climate controlled environment whenever possible.

13. Remove carpet and inspect.

14. If the rug has a fringe, I suggest clean them with a Browning solution purchased from a professional carpet cleaning supplies. Wash fringes with a portable or truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine with heat. If fringes have more enlightening, I suggest carefully applying an oxidant.

like magic spot purchased from a carpet cleaning supply store. Let live. Rinse.

15. If the carpet is stretched from hanging to dry than the cleaning of the back of the carpet with a carpet cleaning machine and heated dry with the cloth flat on its head with an air mover to be placed on.

16. Final. Repeat each step as needed.

Source by Chris Myatt

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