How To Clean Your Cowhide Rug

In recent years, the use of cow hides to create unique and stylish floor rugs is a practice that has continued to grow in popularity. Whether you have been the proud owner of a cowhide rug, or are looking for the practical side of how to keep a clean before you purchase you, this article describes the basic procedures you must take your product in tip top to hold condition.

First, if you have yet to purchase your skin, make sure you buy yours from a reputable supplier of skins. Once the packaging of your skin where it came will most likely have to remove wrinkles in it. If this is the case, simply place your cow skin on the floor and let the natural creases drop out. It takes a few days to fall out of the wrinkles, but allowing them to fall out is of course the best way of dealing with them.

If you already have a cow hide then you pass this stage, so more than likely looking for ways to make your cowhide carpet looking brand new. The first thing you must do is keep all loose particles and surface debris away from the skin. You can lightly vacuum the skin using the attachment of your vacuum cleaner. This should be done with caution and should be performed only in the direction of the hairs, to avoid unnecessary malts or hair loss.

If you do not vacuuming the animal skin you can shake it out to remove excess particles. This should be done on a regular basis to prevent a buildup of dirt on your carpet.

As cowhide is naturally a very robust and natural materials, they are almost impossible to mess up, but occasionally you will have the inevitable spill or stain that you need to deal with. Depending on which substance spill or stain, this will have an effect on how you treat it.

The most common stains such as juice, wine or other liquids must be absorbed immediately with a paper towel or cloth. Trying to remove as much of the liquid from the skin; Too much moisture is not good for a cowhide, especially when wet for a long time

Once you get the liquid carpet should be cleaned with a mild cleaning solution have sucked .; warm water applied with a cloth and wiped in the direction of the hair and soap usually does the trick. Once all the stain has lifted a final polish with a mild solution of water and 1% white vinegar will restore your skin to its former glory. As much as possible of the moisture must be removed with a dry towel in order to ensure the skin is able to dry thoroughly.

Food stains should be treated in the same way as liquids, but you must first lift no foreign material with the edge of a knife. Be careful not to scrape too hard, as this may cause damage to your skin.

The more stubborn stains such as lipstick, grease or gum may require a few attempts to eliminate them completely. Even though it’s a temptation you should never use any aggressive cleaning agents as they almost certainly damage your skin may be

When cleaning your cowhide rug is important to remember a few points: .

  • never allow your skin to get wet.
  • If you remove stains with water and detergent make sure you protect your floors with sufficient protection.
  • If your skin is damp, you can put it outside in the sun with the underside of the carpet to speed up the sun drying.
  • Never place your cow skin in a washer or dryer.
  • Do not forget to do a test on an inconspicuous area of ​​the skin prior to cleaning to check for any discoloration of the cleaners.
  • Although the stubborn stains can be tricky, persevere with them and remember that they may not go all the way, but with 3 or 4 applications carefully, you will probably see a huge improvement in the appearance of the stain.

With a little TLC and a minimal effort on your beautiful cowhide rug can last you a lifetime of use.

Source by Lisa Fitzgerald

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