How To Clean Your Sheepskin Rug

sheepskin rugs are a wonderful addition to any room. Beautiful, soft and versatile, they add interest and beauty to any home. There are many benefits to owning a sheepskin rug. Furs are remarkably durable and can last for decades if properly treated. They are all natural, which means they are bacterial- and fire resistant. They are also hypo-allergenic. These properties make ideal sheepskin carpet sheepskin can be safely placed on a floor in a room with a fireplace, and the natural bacteria-resistance nature of sheepskin makes it run cleaner than many other types of flooring. Adults and children with allergies can greatly benefit from the replacement of sheepskin fur for other flooring.

If sheepskin fur needs to be cleaned, there are several methods that can be run from home. Proper care and maintenance of a sheepskin can help keep it looking beautiful for a long time.

Removing dust and dirt

It is best to keep looking fresh by a sheepskin routine removal of dirt and dust. This can be done in different ways. A wire brush or animal can be used for the brushing of the fur, removes dirt particles. Dirt and dust can also be removed by firmly shaking the carpet.


If there is more than a simple brush cleaning is required, the furs can be washed. Recognize-remove dirt, use a damp white cloth to gently remove stains.

To clean the entire carpet, it is best to wash a wool, especially one made specifically to be used for a sheepskin rug. Sheepskin should never be treated with bleach, detergent with enzymes, or fabric softener. Normal detergents used for clothing should not be used on wool carpets.

Using cold or lukewarm water, gently hand wash the carpet. After cleaning the carpet and taking care of all the dirty spots scrub, squeeze excess water out of the carpet. A sheepskin fur can be washed in the machine, but only in a sensitive area, with cold or lukewarm water.


Sheepskin should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should never be exposed to hot air to dry. Both sunlight and drying a sheepskin in a dryer can cause damage to the spine, such as shrinking and hardening of the leather. A sheepskin to dry the carpet lay flat in a dry place away from direct sunlight. A shady spot outside on a windy, mild day is the ideal place for this. The blanket can also -line dried .


While the carpet is still damp, it can be gently stretched to its former shape. The leather bottom of the carpet may require massaging to regain softness.


Washing the blanket can curl wool or temporarily loses his thick, luxurious pile. The soft, fluffy pile to restore the carpet, use a wire brush to comb the coat. After this is done, the carpet will appear beautiful, soft and clean again.


If the sheepskin can be cleaned at home, or if the owner prefers to have someone else clean the blanket, it can be taken to dry cleaning. When choosing this route for the care of a sheepskin care to ensure that the dry cleaner of choice has experience cleaning and caring for the sheepskin rug is correct.

A sheepskin rug is a great investment. It is a beautiful, natural product that has the durability to enjoy for many years. With proper care, a fur sheepskin will be the most beautiful centerpiece in any home.

Source by Georgie Henderson

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