How To Connect My Sony Vaio Laptop To My Samsung Tv ?

Help ok i asked a question about this before and i have bought this… and my laptop is a sony vaio VGN-NS10L somone answered saying this would work if you want to play a movie on your computer on your tv. He was right i plugged it into my tv and into my laptop then my tv sed auto something (it was doing something) then my laptop came with a message saying how do you want to display i just clicked ok with the setting it was on mirror something i pressed it then after a few minutes nothing happened then i played my movie on vlc media player the sound came out of the tv but not the movie please help meeee i really want to watch this film on the tv please thank you please help i dont want to waste 7 pounds

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One Response to “How To Connect My Sony Vaio Laptop To My Samsung Tv ?”

  1. simon says:

    you have the Laptop resolution too high. I can’t go into detail because you have left that out yourself, HDMI? VGA? OS? thats all we need not a long story, then we can help.

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