how to connect xbox to surround sound system?

I want to get this surround sound:

problem is i dont know how to connect it to my xbox because i want to use these speakers for games, my xbox is right now connected to my tv via hmdi, would i have to connect the speakers to the tv or xbox? and how?

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2 Responses to “how to connect xbox to surround sound system?”

  1. bbt91945 says:

    Those home theater in a box are not flexible for adding anything to them or for up grading. This system does not have an optical audio input for you to get surround sound coming from your xbox. At most it will have an rca jack input for the left and right channel only (stereo) coming out of your xbox. You can connect a DVD or Blu ray disc player that has an individual rca jack output only. Hope this will help you out.

  2. Custom says:

    Hook up your speakers to the output on your tv, and shut the sound off on your tv or use a receiver it all depends. Using a receiver would be your best bet…

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