How to Coordinate Your Watch With an Outfit

Color coordination has been around for centuries and women are truly the worst when it comes to having accessories match their outfits. That's not to say that some men also want a nice looking suit to be coordinated with the right watch, cufflinks and shoes too though.

When choosing a watch think about the colors you wear the most and what will go the best with your everyday wear as well as on more dressier occasions.

Watches come in an assortment of styles, designs and colors. Some have gemstones like diamonds and mother of pearl included within them for added elegance and styling. Some more casual and everyday watches have leather, plastic or fabric watchbands instead of the dressier versions made of metal, gold and silver.

Watches for more casual occasions to coordinate with everyday office and casual wear should not be too fancy or elegant but more fun, bright, colorful and unique in their designs and styles. Some of these styles are shinier and bigger than the more elegant and dressy designs.

Casual outfits would coordinate wonderfully with an interchangeable band watch. This type of watch has up to 10 different watchbands in an assortment of colors and patterns to change with every outfit you put on. A gold or silver toned watch works great with outfits in reds, blues, yellows, and browns as well as pink and purple hues.

For a more elegant and dressier watch for your fancier outfits, watches that include mother of pearl dials, swarovski crystals, diamonds or other gemstones in gold and silver work the best for this coordination for the perfect evening out. For more sophisticated outfits, elegant and beautiful watch designs such as pearl bracelet watches with a surrounding of diamonds along the outside of the dial or black, sleek and thinner watches with leather bands or black metal bands look elegant as well.

Silver and gold toned watches in bracelet cuff styles are classy and casual so they can be worn with either daily casual or dressier office attire; they look like a lovely jewelry piece instead of a timepiece.

Other favorite fashionable and fun styles for working out or playing around are watches in bright fun designs. There are watches perfect for these and other occasions made by Timex, called the women's iron man and these come in a variety of fun flirty colors with modernized funky styling at reasonable prices.

Source by Victor Epand

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