How to cope with heart break?. How to deal with losing the love of your life?

How am I supposed to deal with the pain of losing the love of my life?
I don’t wish to disclose details. Just this pain, loss, hurt is unbearable.

Any help appreciated.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I kind of have an idea of how you feel right now as i broke up with my ex 4 months ago and i still hurt and miss her, but what you should do and the right thing to do is to do your own hobbies and be around your friends as much as you can, just talk about it, also start talking to other men and maybe look for somebody else, now you might be thinking you don’t want to find anyone else but this will help you get your mind away from your lost love wich is good because of course you dont want any pain, a good thing to do is not contact your ex at all and show that you don’t need him this way you are giving him the opportunity to think about it and also to miss you, exercise is key to letting go of stress and negative emotion you will always feel good after some good exercise, socialise more, a healthy diet provides healthy emotions, yo seem like you just may need/want somebody to talk to wich is good and it’s a nice feeling to know that somebody cares, i care, i don’t want you to be in pain i want you to feel good in yourself and be happy, you might feel like every day is a big push but soon the pain will fade away it will only go slowly but it will go i promise you that, you never know what tomorrow will bring, right? or maybe you should try and explain to the love you’ve lost how you feel and how you suffer through the pain every day also the words (im sorry, maybe it was my fault can we give it another go? i love you?) those words will realy get him to feel weak inside for you also it may seem mean but jelousy is an extremely powerful emotion to the mind and it does realy hurt, i have to deal with the pain of my ex being with somebody else and it’s mean but i can’t help it but i hope they will just split up or argue and argue and it be a misery for my ex because that way she would realise how better it was with me, what im trying to tell you by my experience is half of the time your ex might jump into a new relationship because they don’t want the pain of being alone and feeling of loss like you have because itrealy can bring down your confidence, right? so you are finding it realy hard to let go of your emotions but realy the best way to feel relaxed is to exercise, even just have a hot bath every night and just relax, but deep down you are strong and determined you will have a good enjoyable life with both good and bad experiences, the one thing that anybody on the plannet can guarantee for you is that you will get through it. Keep yourself as busy as possible so your mind doesn’t suddenly fade off into negative mode, of course you are always hurting im experiencing that myself but in the end you will be happy, watch some comedy and try to keep your sense of humour i know it’s hard to laugh or find anything funny when you are going through this but it will turn out good and you might not see it but all this pain will only make you stronger, so tell yourself now in your head or out loud that ”No matter how much i hurt i will always be me and i will always be strong and i deeply and completely accept myself” But remember theres no point in reading this and then not taking any notice, you do need to take some action and also get out and about, I care about your matter you are realy caring and you are strong.

    Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Alex diaz says:

    regardless of what exactly happened talking to people who are close to you is normally the best way

  3. Kat says:

    Join a thing called life scouts. It encourages you to do things you would never do before ( from bungee jumping to playing guitar) Could help ๐Ÿ™‚ just google it. Give it a go.

  4. Winning says:

    This is very simple and easy you must love YOU when you love YOU things like this will never happen! Get to loving you that is the Secret it will also help you attract healthy men!

  5. Rip101 Answers says:

    Time and concentrating on yourself. Finding ways to make yourself feel good about you and building up your self esteem is the way forward. Think about your life before this person – could you have imagined they were out there? There is probably another person out there who you can’t imagine right now but once you feel better about you, it’ll be the right time.

  6. ฮน'ะผ ยขฯƒฯƒโ„“ ฦ’ฯƒั ั•ฯ…ัั” โค says:

    first of all I just want to say sorry for all the pain you have right now.
    second actually i don’t know how you lose the love of your life, like you broke up? or another things happened ?
    but in either ways I can say it’s just gonna take some time, but there is also a thing i want to tell you about, that the sadness and the depression all comes from your inside, you can decide whether you want to be happy or want to be sad, yeah i know it’s kinda hard to think about these things right now, when someone is very sad i know it’s hard for them to decide or to control their emotions..
    I just want to say that in all the negatives we have in our lives, there still positive things and whatever the situation is, the positive is still exist, maybe you’re thinking that the love of your life has gone, but as long as this person feels good or feels in peace then that would be good for you cause as long as you love that person i know you wish the best for him/her ..
    so just you don’t have to feel sad too much,just find a way to make yourself feel better by thinking in positive way..
    I know it’s hard for you and I’m sorry about that ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. HIWATT says:

    Time is a great healer. Also, searching for someone else really does help.

    I remember when I "lost" mine but it turned out it was mere infatuation when I discovered my true love. Maybe the one you lost is *not* the love of your life? You did not elaborate, so I can’t give you a better answer than this, sorry.

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