How To Create A Database With Barcodes?

Ok, so I’m starting a small business within the next few months. It’s a shop that specializes in customized garments and the like. I want to have a loyalty card scheme where shoppers can collect points and have an account with us to get discounts for sticking with us. Although this could be done in a more old fashioned way, I have a USB bar code scanner lying around (not mine, ‘inherited’) and so I thought I might as well do things properly and have scannable barcodes on these cards. Getting the cards is no problem but I have no idea how to then create a database that I can store all the accounts in and have it open a persons account details when I scan the barcode. I’ve looked on the internet for solutions but I don’t really understand any of it so I thought you wonderful people could talk me through it in language that I might understand!
Any help is much appreciated! 🙂

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One Response to “How To Create A Database With Barcodes?”

  1. falsi fiable says:

    You don’t store the actual barcode, just the number itself. Make sure your barcode reader understands the coding method of your barcodes as there are dozens of types in common use.

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