How to deal with a difficult person at work?

I am mentoring a new person at work and am having a really difficult time dealing with him, he never believes anything I say, always asks another colleague the same question (and they always give the same answer). He generally behaves like he knows everything better, and won’t take any guidance from me, even though I ahve been in this business and this company a lot longer than he has. I don’t know if it is an age thing (he is a good 10 years older), or something else, but it is driving me crazy. It has come to the point that whenever he stands up to come over, my heart sinks! Any ideas/tips on how to deal witht his guy without running to my boss?

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  1. Dancing Queen says:

    Let him get on with it. If he makes any mistakes then you can tell your boss with a clear conscience that you tried to guide this guy but he seems to have a hard time following directions from you. Eventually he will have to start listening to you or he will lose his job. Alternatively you could ask him what his problem is. If he does agree that he has an issue with you then you can tell him to take it up with your boss. It’s his problem not yours, let him deal with it.

  2. Truth Seeker says:

    Bite him !

  3. Homer Jay says:

    Yeah tell him all the wrong stuff and the arrogant t1t will get the sack!

  4. Tressnut says:

    I would pull this guy to one side and ask him if he has a problem with you personally or with the way you are training him. He will probably say no in which case explain that you thought there was a problenm and why. If he says there is a reason then you can deal with the root of the problem.

  5. lackan2d says:

    take him off the company property and kick his ass or hire someone to do it.

  6. Ed A says:

    Talk to the guy in an unconfrontational manner. Reconfirm the roles (you being the mentor) placed upon the both of you by management. This is your only option other than to just deal with it. That is if you don’t want to talk to your boss about the issue.

  7. cola says:

    tell him that you don’t appreciate it that he is asking others while you are teaching him ask him what he is unsure of or is he just forgetting the answer you gave him?. once he knows that you are aware of his tactics hopefully he should be wary of his upcoming review. i would note it on his file or tell his supervisor because if he is doing this to you, he will do it to someone else.
    good luck!

  8. AmyLynn83 says:

    If people are giving him the same answers, he should start to realize his mistake on his own. If he doesn’t, when you answer one of his questions, casually let him know how qualified you are to answer it, something like, "I should know, I’ve been here for ___ years." If he still doesn’t get it, then the next time he asks a question, direct him to one of your colleagues while pointing out that he will only second-guess you anyway. Then, he’ll realize what he’s been doing.

  9. A Gentleman says:

    Actually that person does not have confidence in himself…..secondly, he tries to pretend as if he is perfect in himself…..

    You pretend to ignore him as long as he comes on the track….

  10. brendan d says:

    let him do the job when he still knows neverything sooner or later he’l trip himself up

  11. handsome says:

    Hey dont woory buddy. Now whenever he turns up to u and ask a question give him a big smile and say I dont know. Though he knows that u r knowing the answer say in a polite and sweetful manner I dont know. And he will understand u and will behave very properly next time.

    In future u will have to tackle many problems like this the only method to tackle these things is politeness peaceness and a huge smile. The front person will automatically be embarrased about the thing he is doing.


  12. 5yellowchips says:

    run around the office pretending to be an airoplane – no one comes 2 me 4 advice any more!

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